Elyse Omernick is a Bay Area native whose love for nature and the arts were rooted at an early age. You could either find her drawing on the floor of her mother's art studio, or making tree forts amongst the Redwood trees.

Elyse went on to pursue her passion for art at California State University of San Jose, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in illustration and animation. Upon finishing university, Elyse headed to a galaxy far far away where she worked in multiple production management roles for Lucasfilm Animation and LucasArts. 

After becoming a mother, Elyse took a step back from her busy Star Wars production life to focus on raising her two daughters, whom now make their own forts amongst the redwoods! To keep her love of nature and creativity alive, Elyse cherishes her time spent exploring and taking photos of wildlife and landscapes both locally and around the world. She could not do this without the tremendous support from her loving husband, Matthew Omernick.

More recently, she has found a new love of capturing beautiful relationships through family and wedding portraiture. Her photography has been featured in Marin Magazine, Marin Living Magazine, the National Audubon Society, with Marin Open Space and the Marin Audubon Society.

Elyse serves on the board of directors for the Marin Audubon Society, focusing her effort on conservation and outreach for the Northern Spotted Owl. 

"To live in Marin is to live in heaven. There is so much natural beauty around us, and to capture it in a photograph is a constant reminder of how truly lucky we are!"


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